Indian Coil

Indian Coil

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Our curly hair is full of cascading curls, but can also be worn straight when styled with a blowdry / flat iron. 

*Note: curly hair that gets straightened on a regular basis may become looser over time.

We offer 100% Human Russian/Indian Hair, which has never been chemically altered , therefore offers an premium quality in the Russian/Indian hair market.

#Note: 3 Day Processing

Lengths 28-32 subject to 5-7 Day  Procesing

Weight: Approximately 3.8-4oz each bundle
Color: Naturally Off Black to Dark Brown
Weft: Machine Weft
Styling: 2 to 3 bundles needed for full weave depending on the length of hair and volume desired

All sales are final, due to the nature of this product.

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